Tubes Quality Management System

Quality Management System


At Profins we realise that consistent and reliable delivery of quality tube products is highly valued by our customers. We understand that quality is not only a responsibility to our clients, but also a benchmark for measuring our own performance and capabilities. We are dedicated to continuously improving and refining all of our business processes so that our products are of the highest standard. As a result Profins is an ISO 9001 company. From personally auditing all new suppliers, to carefully looking at every step of the production process we are fully committed to delivering quality every time.

Profins LRQA ISO9001 certificate 2020-2023

As part of our commitment to customer service and product quality Profins has invested heavily in a quality management system resulting in our approval to ISO9001:2008 for the "Manufacture of applied, embedded and extruded finned tubes. Manufacture of U-bent heat exchanger tubes. Stockholding of heat exchanger tubes. Procurement and supply of associated products".

This certification is only one of the many reasons why major refineries, chemical plants and power generation sites worldwide turn to PROFINS for both emergency and routine maintenance materials.